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Re: UConn game thread

Postby muskieman » Sun Jan 28, 2024 2:30 pm

Kevin Reilly wrote:
Sun Jan 28, 2024 1:54 pm
Nice to see Nzeh get some time. I like him. Djokovic was playing well too before Ross karate chopped him in the face. Surprised they didn't review that foul. I know I am hard on Swain but almost every game he gets pulled for his defense. You think he will be better than Green? If he is that would be great for Xavier
I had hoped that Nzeh would be getting time in other games this year but heck throw him into the fire and he did okay. Of the bigs he finished and rebounded as good as the other bigs.

Like AH I hope they forget this game and see the Johnnies as a way to get back on track of winning. It ill be no easy task as Rick has them playing big man basketball. This might be the year the BE has a revenge tour on X.

Sean needs some big bodies next year and I mean big. Great to have the 6'10" but against the 7'2" 280 that can move against a 6'10" 244 will win most of the time. X use to be power forward U but X needs to get that Kenny Frease/Jack Nunge big back in the lineup. Need that jumping jack Power forward the rebounds and dunks all over you. I hope the red shirt year of Kam's works out for him and our strength coach can mold him into a solid big body 6'6" not 211 but 225 or better and Reid 6'7" at 200lbs is too slight but at 230 now e can be physical. Either we coach up what we have or find bodies that are big and have a mean streak. That big inside guy like Jack was makes Free and Rome that much better.
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Re: UConn game thread

Postby Kevin Reilly » Sun Jan 28, 2024 3:02 pm

I think I heard Trey Green just turned 20. Well Happy Birthday and hoping he has one of those Dennis Rodman late growth spurts.
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Re: UConn game thread

Postby Xavier2005 » Sun Jan 28, 2024 4:04 pm

The tv announcers said that Xavier's loss was the worse loss of any BE team since 2007....17 years ago. Xavier total points scored this year so far ranks X 242 in Mens Division One Basketball. Scoring is just one of may issues at this point in the season,
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Re: UConn game thread

Postby connecticut72 » Sun Jan 28, 2024 4:59 pm

Just back from the game and you can imagine my embarrassment sitting with all my UCONN friends. We were awful! I did learn a lot about our team seeing them in person. I am envious of you guys who get to go to the Cintas regularly. My Observations for what they are worth.
FIRST: UCONN plays more than hard. They deny everyting, contest everything and concede nothing. We had trouble with dribble hand offs. They were into all the passing lanes and they fight through ball screens like I have never seen. They are very handsy and kept knocking us off the ball.
SECOND: WE are small. Claude has good size at the guard but Mcknight, Olivari, Green, and Swain are small. Swain is thin and has trouble with big threes and forget trying to cover fours.
THREE: Our big guys are worse than I thought. Ciani is a human screen machine and that is all he can do. No threat to pick and pop and he never rolls to the hoop. Djoko at this point is a joke. Gytis plays hard but too thin to bang or defend. Based on today I would be tempted to give some minutes to Nzeh compared to the others it cannot get worse. Ousman too thin. Clingan totally manhandled him. Not sure if the Euros will ever be good enough to play in this league at a high level.
FOUR: We are easy to defend in the half court. Only one shooter and they were all over him like a cheap suit. We tend to run the same stuff again and again.

I did not question are effort it just was such an obvious mismatch at all 5 positions. Hurley did us a favor and pulled off the dogs with about 7 minutes Left or they would have scored well over 100. Let us hope we can regroup. I am really concerned about beating anyone on the road. We have a lot of holes to fill and Sean needs to hit the portal hard. I hate to be this pessimistic. I hope it is just my frustration with our game today.
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Re: UConn game thread

Postby bluegrass » Mon Jan 29, 2024 10:02 am

What was amazing is how quickly that game got out of hand.Within 10 minutes it was over. I think at one point we were down 36-7 if I'm correct.I was hoping we could at least play them even in the second half . It was a complete mismatch . I honestly figured we would lose by 15+ points but 43?!?!
How do they bounce back from this? We will find out a lot about this team Wednesday.

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