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Re: Butler game thread

Postby X-lucidity » Thu Jan 18, 2024 3:02 pm

I can’t let the final post on this thread be some silly debate about the jr. program 3.5 miles away.
Back to my beloved Muskies, what a fabulous last 6 days. An impressive roadie followed by a Butler Bashing. You can see roles being defined. You can see individual and collective confidence building. We can see once glaring issues being slowly but surely remedied. In short, we have turned an important corner. Still miles to go but you simply have to love the progress and the overall master plan unfolding before our eyes. By the way, my unsung hero is Sasa...! Who wants to join me in ramping up “The Sasa Ciani Fan Club” ? In pre season he was advertised as a late add on “ project”. And while he is just getting acclimated to D-1 BE ball, he is able to spell Abou for much needed minutes of rest without sacrificing too much post D or rebounding. I’m sure he would admit he has quite a long ways to go. But a true Frosh that insiders say works extremely hard and wants badly to become a stud. Where would we be without this surprise role player emerging especially given Abou’s propensity to pick up silly fouls.
Ok, we are on to Georgetown. The only game on the schedule that matters right here right now...
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Re: Butler game thread

Postby muskieman » Thu Jan 18, 2024 5:59 pm

Now if they could get Kachi to a level that he could contribute and help rebound and defend
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Re: Butler game thread

Postby Kevin Reilly » Thu Jan 18, 2024 7:51 pm

I'm all in on Ciani. He seems to have lost his confidence a little bit lately but I like him. He needs a lot of work on the offense end this summer. from what I read Hunter and Freemantle are returning next year so Ciani needs to have a big off season. Getting time will be a lot harder next year. Miller likes a 8 man rotation.
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Re: Butler game thread

Postby madness31 » Fri Jan 19, 2024 9:11 pm

I don't care if they stormed the court or not. I love UC got a big win helping Xavier's profile.

This X team needs help getting in the tournament. Every win by teams we played is great. Big wins even better.

I'm not yet a fan of what Ciani brings but hope he develops. There is potential in the bigs to be great players. A year of development behind Free and Hunter would have been perfect but Ousmane is a Workhorse and the others can fill in as needed.

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