A new line of work

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A new line of work

Postby passthepuck? » Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:33 am

Although I am a longtime women’s season ticket holder, I now rarely go to games. The problem is simple. Under the current coach, the women are unwatchable. Yesterday (Seton Hall) was a classic example of this crap.

Seton Hall only played seven or eight ladies. At times in the game they were dragging, yet Xavier walked the ball up the court. The Xavier offense even managed an undefended 10 second call. In the half-court, the ladies proceed to throw the ball around the exterior and at the conclusion of the shot clock, they drive into traffic or hoist away.

In the past Xavier was a transition team. Even yesterday Xavier scored it is in transition, but instead of pushing they try to lull the other team, and their fans to sleep. Perhaps it is time for Coach Neal to find another line of work.
Debbra Woolfolk
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Re: A new line of work

Postby Debbra Woolfolk » Mon May 02, 2016 9:33 am

I have a friend's daughter playing in Seton Hall. How are they doing now? Do you know?

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