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FT Observation

Postby ChitownSteve » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:31 am

As most of you know, we attend virtually all DePaul games. Generally, we arrive in plenty of time, to ensure that Chicago traffic does not prevent us from being there for tip-off.

Due to this, we often are there at least 45 minutes in advance and watch pre-game warm-ups and routines. Frankly, Marquette has the most focused, organized routine and each drill does seem to have a purpose.

I bring this up because there was something I noticed during X’s pre-game the other evening relating to FT’s. Simply put Tyrique Jones was the only one who stood out at seeking to practice FT’s (might have been one other player, but it was not someone who jumped out at me for recall). While Tyrique was practicing there were at least 4-5 other balls being launched from all over the court, often knocking his FT’s away, thus he would not know the true result. The other jump shooters, including some who would see little, if any court time were a clear distraction. Cannot say I have observed any other team with that many shooters launching (seems most teams have maybe 3 balls, or a more routinized FT structure).

Simply put, maybe X practices FT’s earlier in the day. However, even as a grammar school coach, I wanted to make sure the starters took a few FT’s with concentration right prior to the game ... and they could only leave the line after a “make.”

For a poor FT shooting team, possibly this pre-game area needs to be be modified. Props to Tyrique for standing at the line. Tougher to get made at him when he was the most prominent team member working on FT’s that evening. Possibly those of you who regularly go to the Cintas Center witness something different. If so, would like to learn what you see.

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