Why The Heck?

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Re: Why The Heck?

Postby muskiefan19 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:22 pm

Anti-Homer wrote:
Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:59 pm
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Wed Oct 07, 2020 7:51 pm
I agree with you, muskienick. Joe L. reminds me a lot of my good friend and classmate, Mayo Mohs. Mayo started out writing movie and theater reviews for the Xavier News. He wound up as an editor for Time Magazine. In 1996 he had just taken on a free lance job to cover the political conventions of that year when he was killed on a street in Santa Monica by a drunk driver from Japan. "Ironic" as Mayo might say, since he loved Japan.
Joe L. is now punching well above his weight as he writes for Broken Anchor. Someday, he will write for the freakin' New York Times.

First, don’t ever change. Every single post of yours is positive and entertaining, so obviously I relate.

Secondly, I too want these college kids from BA to keep writing and not get discouraged. For the record, I don’t believe they are. I commend their efforts and of course they are not going to be as good as D & V, or even my former blog I had with BE basketball. However, constructive criticism is fair game if you’re going to peddle any product or service for public consumption and it is good for them. I don’t think telling them all your posts are wonderful and spot on if you don’t believe it’s true is helpful, especially if they want to make a career out of it.

As an example, 5+ years ago when I became the youngest moderator on this board, I went through and endless stream of focus groups. Muskieman purposely brought in some of the meanest nuns, who mercilessly panned my opinions. Though I shed many tears, I grew stronger for it, and now the board is the benefactor by having one of the most respected moderators in the industry. I don’t like to drop names, but a very prestigious school up north which rhymes with Right Skate has been pursuing me to be to the lead moderator for their fencing board.

Admittedly, I cursed and hated Mman during that challenging period, but that kooky SOB knew what he was doing. I hope the boys at BA will benefit from any criticism as I did.

Seacrest Out.
We are by no means trying to be anything like D & V, and we absolutely love the criticism you guys have for us. When it comes to our Xavier content, I'm a 23 year-old kid who just wants to talk a little Xavier basketball in a lighter funnier way. I'm a Xavier guy, and I'm going to write about Xavier basketball through my eyes.

Thanks for reading our stuff, man. Keep it coming.
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Re: Why The Heck?

Postby madness31 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:29 am

I tend to be critical about most things. I don't sugar coat my comments. But I'm also tend to focus on play on the court or content written and do not make it personal.

As for BA, if you are simply writing for fun, then do you and disregard critical comments by me and others. If you want to develop it beyond fun then consider the criticism but also validate it against statistics to see how to proceed. I prefer intellectual literature whether sports, econ, finance, etc. Almost half the country votes for trump so a significant audience doesn't prefers opinion pieces with nothing to support them. You may be better off writing any BS you want rather than becoming a scholar at your craft. That is not to say you are not talented at what you do but that what I have witnessed is less analytical than what I consider scholarly. Considering chain restaurants are generally not considered exquisite, that may very well be a much more profitable path.

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