Ohio ,Indiana ,Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois recruiting

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Re: Ohio ,Indiana ,Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois recruiting

Postby kyzrex » Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:24 pm

Our location, in the middle of more high profile college BB programs than anywhere else in the country, works against X when it comes to recruiting. Our location, in the center of the hotbeds of HS basketball of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, means that there a lot of very good HS talent that’s not to far away. BUT, as others have pointed out, X is not recruiting in a vacuum. Those HS players have many more high profile programs within a short distance, than just about anywhere else in the country. Think about it, within 100 miles of Xavier’s campus there is UK, UL, OSU, Indiana, UC, UD, and dozens of lower level D1 schools. Just a little further and you have even more schools that are within an easy 1/2 day drive. Depending on where in Ohio a kid lives, it’s only a short distance to Michigan, Michigan State, and WVU, in addition to the schools I already mentioned. This makes it great for us fans, and surely leads to college BB having a very high profile in this area of the country, but on the flip side it means a lot of competition for the HS talent in this area of the country. On top of that, as another has said, recruiting has become a national (and even international) competition. We’ve had 5star kids in the Cincinnati area leave to attend colleges in Texas, California, and many others far away locations over the last 10-20 years, on a fairly regular basis. If X keeps getting top 25 recruiting classes, I don’t really care where those kids are coming from. If they get to a point where they are a true national power, they will start getting some of those kids to say here, too.

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