Enquirer article

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Enquirer article

Postby jct1941 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 1:31 pm

Article (9-9-20) says that XU will play a lot faster this coming year. Possible line up - PG KyKy- Dwon, SG - Scruggs- Johnson - Colby - Wicher. The BIGS interchangable - Miles,.Freemantle, Carter, Griffin, Stanley. Ramsey not mentioned ( over sight ???). There SEEMS to a lot of flexibility but I worry about how the MINUTES will work out. Somebody is going (maybe) to be unhappy about playing time. Every year we seem to be DEEP but it is hard to keep everyone happy. Let,s hope it all works out. Go Xavier!
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Re: Enquirer article

Postby muskienick » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:25 am

If our roster is as balanced and talented as most of us seem to believe, I would think we could keep players happy by killing two birds with one stone. That could be accomplished by rotating our players every 4-5 clock minutes. Each player would feel that he is as important to the team as any other on the one hand and such a rotation would also keep the Muskies on the floor more fresh then the opponent's players. A third benefit would be that the opponents on-floor defenders would have to adjust to the different routine moves utilized by our rotating Muskies. It would also be wise for the rotations to be such that the the same set of subs not be on the floor together each time they are in the game. By doing it that way, our staff could create mistakes of coverage by the opponent's defenders, thus giving this year's players (who are seemingly better shooters than the past two Muskie teams) more opportunities for open shots.
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Re: Enquirer article

Postby X-Expert » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:02 pm

I have heard that X would play faster and do more backcourt pressure these last two years. Nothing against Steele as he can only do with what he inherited. You never know until you see what they can do. Part of it was you have to score to be able to press, etc. Hope they can run more with transition 3s like they did with Bluitt/Macura team

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