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Postby Anti-Homer » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:49 pm

longliveskip wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:46 am
Anti-Homer wrote:
Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:49 pm
longliveskip wrote:
Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:13 pm
wondering if anyone caught Steele's reaction on the sideline after Naji got called for that over the back foul early in the game. He went OFF on two assistants who tried to calm him down. man he was fired up. just an observation is all.

hate the fact that Butler got their a$$e$ handed to them today because that means Wednesday will be that much harder.

just win, baby.

Tyrique is a beast.


I used to feel this way, but that's the same feeling I had about Nova on Sat. Coming off the heels of a two game losing streak, I thought they'd be laser focused and ready to play against the Hall. Also, coming off a four game losing streak in competitive games against some of the BE's best teams, i thought DePaul would be also be ready to go when X came to town. Both basically trailed from the tip off to the finish. It's all about match ups, strategy, and execution. I think X matches up very well against Butler. Yet another team who lacks a post player who can man up against Jones. I do think they have one of the top three players in the league in Baldwin. Marshall will have his hands full.
Nova was actually up 4 at half and they had to go TO Seton Hall. the DePaul analogy a little different just because it's DePaul and they have been in a tailspin they can't get out of, for some reason. If Nova was at home, I could see that. that's why this is slightly different. Butler back at home after an a$$ kicking. their crowd will be into it. they will be hungry. not saying Nova wasn't but SHU was at home and that helps a ton. if we play like we have the last 3 games, we will be in a winnable game when that under 4 minute timeout hits in the 2nd half, and in our league, that's all i ask for - just be in a winnable game at the end and see who can make plays to win. although that scares me somewhat with a team that has Baldwin because we simply don't have someone that can do what he does - meaning, just go get a bucket when your team needs one.

we shall see. i'm hoping for a comfortable 8-10 point lead at that last timeout and then stave off their run at the end. :D

let's go.
Agreed that playing at home is an advantage. Nova lost at home at Sat. They even made a big deal about how long it has been since S.H. won there. Have faith. X will prevail on Wed.

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