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Re: Adam Zagoria article Dawkind tape against Sean Millera played in court

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 9:50 am
by Anti-Homer
AZ is doing even a worse job than Louisville, who coddled Pitino for two decades despite his consistent lack of institutional control. AZ has had three coaches now who have been accused of egregious recruiting violations. Even if he never participated in the latter, he should be fired. I'm a huge fan of Miller as a bball coach, and thought he was the best one ever at X. He won more games every year during his tenure, with mainly three-star recruits, and won big early on in AZ, reaching the E-8 three times (including his 2nd year). He also called out the coach in Clifton who put forth every possible conspiracy as to why he could never win when it counted.

He plateaued, but I still don't think his seat was hot, nor lukewarm. He came close to the FF two times and sought the easiest path by luring the best players. It's a shame because he didn't need to.