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Re: Recruiting news

Postby harryfe » Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:39 pm

harryfe wrote:No doubt Chris is better at picking recruits than anyone on this board. But he is not always right. How about Larry Austin, Makinde London and Brandon Randolph?
Oh I forgot Edward Ekiyor :o
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Re: Recruiting news

Postby XavierRunningMan » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:49 pm

Ayo Dosunmu

What are our chances of actually landing this guy?!
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Re: Recruiting news

Postby Anti-Homer » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:11 pm

X-lucidity wrote:Anti, did I accidently 'trigger' you last week? Apologies my man... As another poster mentioned- this site is for opinions. I expressed mine in reaction to another opinion I had read. Who's to say who is right and who is full of hot air & bluster. My perspective is from attending X in the late 70's. Highlights for me were driving up 75 to attend the MCC championships in Detroit. So I feel X has been in great hands from Staak on down to Mack. Easy to look at a recruit's HS Junior stats and predict doom & gloom. You may be right. Jake seems to be a late bloomer with upside. Plus from all accounts, a terrific young man. Last I checked, 7-1 can't miss blue-chip recruits are not knocking down our door. No harm in taking the developmental route to target a solid contributor by a redshirted Junior campaign. Relax, it will work out, there is always the one year Senior transfers and Juco route for an emergency next season stop-gap. I am pumped for this coming season - not losing sleep over the '18 class post prospects just yet.

No worries. I too was worked up over some rabble rouser who made comments about the Walter kid on a different thread. Can't rememebr who it was, but it's not important. Losing JRey, London, the Iowa Juco, & Eyikor in a span of 16 months or so, caused X's coaches to take a chance on a kid who many negative nellies say is not up to par, just because he only averaged 6 points a game in a subpar league. Shame on you I says. I wonder if they ever considered the fact that he was just an unselfish guy, and wanted his other teammates to score? The precarious situation with Big Kent also was a factor in his recruitment, me thinks. Kudos to the coaches for their efforts in stopping the bleeding.
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Re: Recruiting news

Postby X-lucidity » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:19 pm

Could not agree more with you there AH. I also feel the Big Kent situation opens up this need. Seems X's recent elevated Nat status has allowed Mack to count on high 3 star to mid 4 star recruits from the PG position through PF. But true post players, those that Al McGuire lovingly called "aircraft carriers" - well, not so much. Simply a numbers game and far fewer of those talented kids out there. I would say that until X climbs up that final rung of the prestige ladder, (which just might never happen), we may find a workable solution to be throwing darts at late blooming prospects. (or the Stainbrook route!) Speaking of Al McGuire, that era is long gone anyways. You can win with smaller, quick lineups if you have a few talented spot-up deadly shooters. If I were managing a team, heck you get 13 schollies, I would allot a steady two for this continuous true post player development pipeline. I may have my rose colored glasses on but I have a good feeling about Jake Walter.. ;-)

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